Singapore Mobile Ordering
For Restaurants, Cafes, Bars

Cannot hire enough staff for your restaurant? Rising costs?
Do not fret, read on to transform your business

Processing $50,000+ Food Monthly, Yummy!

Let customers self order with an easy to use mobile menu placed on the table

Push Specific Dishes

Our menu is engineered and designed to push your high margin dishes 4-5x more effectively than traditional methods

Tempting Photos

People eat with their eyes.
Draw customer's eyes and wallets to your best seller.

Sell More

Upsell sides, drinks and desserts 100% of the time and boost your per table profit.

Digital Emenu Singapore Restaurant Cafe

Self order @ table

Serve tables faster than the Flash!
Receive orders wirelessly from every table

Powerful Backend

New dish? Sold out? Our easy to use backend tool allow your staff to update the menu instantly

Gather Feedback

Pasta too salty? Automatically gather customer feedback and turn data into actionable insights

Staff retention strategies, Increase productivity

Improved Efficiency

Serve more tables than ever before! You may not escape from the rising rental but you can curb that by increasing revenue and lowering your % rental cost.

  • Reduce 80% of waiting & ordering time to free up table quicker for the next customer
  • Eliminate manual order taking tasks. Let your staff focus on serving customers and cleaning tables faster. Faster turns means more sales
  • 50% Increase in staff productivity. Business as usual even if your staff call in sick
  • Cut back on mistakes in order and reduce food wastage

Boost Your Profit

How do you increase profit without increasing price? Easy!
Reduce your overall food cost by encouraging customers to 1) Order higher profit dishes and 2)Grab additional drinks and desserts

  • So easy and frictionless to re-order, that tempting dessert is just a few taps away
  • Mouth-watering photos attract customers to order 5-15% more
  • Capture impulse orders through smart upselling on your entire menu
  • Push high profit dishes 5x better than traditional methods

Restaurant marketing strategy, restaurant promotion

Mobile emenu ordering

Easy To Implement,
Simple To Use

We searched deep and wide for a solution that can help bring F&B businesses to the next level. When we couldn't find it, we build it ourselves

  • Other iPad e-menus companies takes weeks to update the menu. With us, you can update your menu yourself in seconds
  • Simple and intuitive interface, it delights even the aunties and uncles
  • iPads takes up precious space on the table. A phone, perfect size for your restaurant table
  • Some iPad e-Menu companies charge a ridiculous $50,000/outlet. They are not helping your business, they are helping themselves

Top-Notch Support

Confirm guarantee plus chop!

F&B Business Diagnostic

Not every F&B business is suitable for our service. Your business may need to work on other areas first before you can reap these benefits.
Talk to us to find out if your business qualify.

On-site Training

In 1 hour, we provide hands on training for your staff and share tips on positive customer interactions

24/7 Support

We succeed when you succeed.
We understand your business runs by the clock.
Like 7/11 store, we are up and running for you all the time


Simple & flexible monthly pricing

BigSpoon Software

$8 /device/mth

  • Free F&B Business Diagnostic
  • Unlimited Menu Items
  • Instant Menu Update
  • Push Promotion Item
  • On-Site Training
  • 24/7 Support
  • Android Smartphone + Anti Theft Device ($200/set)

The BigSpoon Team

Crafting a fun and social dining experience that brings people closer
Jay Teo Jun Kai

Jay Teo

Jay is an aspiring technology entrepreneur with experience in location based services, web and mobile applications, ecommerce and venture capital in Singapore, USA and Israel. A world traveler with a passion for food, Jay started feasting across the globe at a young age and ate at more than 16 countries

Leon Qiao Liang

Leon Qiao

Leon is a programmer with experience in mobile and web development. When he is neither writing or dreaming about code, he enjoys food from around the world. Leon came from Inner Mongolia, and he can make delicious Indian Gajar Ka Haiwa and Singaporean Bak Chor Mee. He plays judo to consumer all the extra calories

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